The benefits of bike-friendly infrastructure and policies to businesses are well documented, and BikeDenver offers consulting services to give businesses the opportunity to leverage our extensive experience with bike-related policies, rules, regulations, tax-breaks and education to give businesses the help you need to improve the attractiveness of your business to bicyclists. Whether its to improve sales, attract top employees, high quality tenants -- or just because you want to do the right thing for the environment and the city around you -- BikeDenver has consulting services that will help your business achieve your goals and avoid costly mistakes.

BikeDenver's consulting services include helping businesses to:

  • Complete Bicycle Friendly Business applications
  • Apply for Bicycle Commuter Benefits
  • Design and create a bicycle friendly work site or housing development - bike racks, showers, tools, etc.

In conjunction with our Business Cycles Membership, BikeDenver can provide all the tools a business needs to create a bicycle friendly environment and drive new business by telling the world you support making Denver a safer and more comfortable place to ride.

BikeDenver is a membership supported, grassroots organization that thrives on the participation of our membership. Join us and help us create a thriving Denver with evermore people moving by bicycle.