In 2001, BikeDenver was founded as a membership supported, grassroots organization and a conduit for individuals and businesses to express their support for making Denver a more bicycle friendly city. Engaging with our community, our "tribe" -- cyclists and non-cyclists alike -- is at the core of how we will accomplish that goal.

BikeDenver aims to be a catalyst for improving bicycling in Denver by creating communication and sharing of ideas between like-minded people and organizations, while also raising awareness of why we believe bikes are the future of transportation in Denver. We direct our advocacy efforts based on the feedback of our community and hope to improve cycling safety and comfort in ways that will benefit the community as a whole.

Most importantly -- we like to have fun! Through our events and by support for making festivals and events throughout Denver more bike friendly, BikeDenver helps to promote the idea that biking can be a fun, safe and healthy alternative to driving.