Since 2001, BikeDenver has relentlessly advocated to improve transportation in Denver by pushing for policies and infrastructure intended to transform the city into a world-class and bike friendly city. We are a membership supported, grassroots organization, and a conduit for individuals and businesses to express their support for making Denver a more livable and safe place by promoting the bicycle as everyday transportation.

We are not anti-car. We are pro-bike. Study after study shows the economic, health, and environmental benefits of bicycle friendly policies and infrastructure improvements to the areas that implement them. Cities that have focused on moving people safely and comfortably by bike are considered some of the most desirable to live, work and play in and derive huge economic, health, and happiness payoffs for their residents.

In recent years, Denver has made huge strides at transforming itself from a car dependent, spread out city to a livable urban environment -- but we can still do better. A bike "network" that doesn't connect people with where they want to go. Bike lanes that end without warning. Limited and confusing bike route markings. Bike lanes being used as parking. Pavement maintenance standards that don't consider the vulnerability of people riding bikes. The opportunities for BikeDenver to campaign for improvements are extensive.

Through our working partnerships with the city and, when necessary, by amplifying the voice of our supporters to ensure decision makers consider people on bikes in their planning decisions, BikeDenver is a key part of making Denver a safer and more comfortable place to ride.

BikeDenver is a membership supported, grassroots organization that thrives on the participation of our membership. Join us and help us create a thriving Denver with evermore people moving by bicycle.