What We Do

Our organization works hard every day to provide opportunities for every person in Denver  to bike safely and conveniently.


Bicycle Friendly Business

We will help you get recognition as a Bicycle Friendly Business! Local businesses can get assistance to become a BFB, a designation outlined by the League of American Bicyclists. Through the BFB program, employers are recognized for their efforts to encourage a more welcoming atmosphere for bicycling employees, customers and the community based on four essential elements to being bicycle friendly — engineering, education, encouragement and evaluation and planning. Deserving businesses are recognized at the bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels. All applicants receive valuable feedback and assistance. Email to schedule a meeting!

Bicycle Commuter Benefit

The Bike Commuter Benefit is available to employees at companies that choose to provide this employer-paid benefit. This means your employer must elect to offer the benefit, unlike other tax-free benefits for transit, parking and van-pools. HOW TO GET THE BIKE BENEFIT AT WORK: Tell your employer you want this benefit and get others to do the same. Your employer needs to opt-in to this program and it’s up to you to convince them to do it! Make sure to mention that employers also save money by participating (about 9.5% of their FICA contribution). If your employer already contracts with a Commuter Benefit Provider, ask the person who coordinates your benefits to request enrollment in the bike benefit program. If your employer manages transit benefits in-house, the bike benefit works like any other employer-paid transit benefits. HOW TO QUALIFY FOR BIKE BENEFITS:

  • Ride your bike for a ‘substantial portion’ of your commute.
  • Accept ONLY the $20 benefit for biking. You cannot accept both the transit and bike benefits in the same month!
  • Use the money for a bicycle, bicycle maintenance, repair or storage

Bicycle-Friendly Work Site

Our staff can visit your work site and make recommendations about how to make it more friendly for people on bikes. Bike racks, showers, tool kits, etc. It all makes a difference! Contact today to schedule your first meeting.


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