What is BikeDenver?

  • BikeDenver is Denver’s bicycle advocacy organization. 
  • BikeDenver is a 501(c)3 non-profit bicycle advocacy organization representing all people who bike and all organizations with bicycling-related activities or missions in Denver.

What does BikeDenver do?

  • BikeDenver works to promote and encourage bicycling in Denver for recreation, transportation and fun. 
  • BikeDenver works to make Denver a better place to ride your bike.

Why should I become a member?

It is a contribution towards our mission and in addition you receive some great benefits:

  • Member only information and events
  • Special discounts for bike related businesses and non-bike related businesses
  • You make a difference

How does BikeDenver advocate for bicycling in Denver?

  • BikeDenver works with the City and other organizations in Denver to improve policies and infrastructure that support increased bicycling. 
  • BikeDenver provides programs, events and other initiatives that help create a positive climate for bicycling in Denver.

But what does it really do?

Improving infrastructure

  • Protected Bike Lanes
  • Meet with City offices such as Denver Department of Public Works and help evaluate plans, etc to ensure the needs of people on bicycles are met in the best way possible
  • Serve as a resource for city departments and partner organizations: research, policy in other municipalities
  • Direct public response appropriately to help convince and encourage the City of Denver to improve, expand and maintain bicycle facilities throughout the City and County of Denver

Have an impact on policy and laws

  • BikeDenver helped imbed the state 3-feet to pass law into Denver city code to ensure that will also become law in the City
  • We helped double the miles on on-street bike markings in the City since 2008

Community Engagement – Getting people on bikes

  • Provide bike parking at events to make it easier for people to ride their bicycles
  • Host community rides throughout the year  - Summer and Winter Solstice Rides
  • Participate with  and promote partner bicycle related events: Denver Century Ride


  • Denver Safe Route to Schools: 2013-2014 BikeDenver is treaching Safe Routes to School programming at 7 local elementary schools. In an effort to encourage more students to safely walk and bicycle to school, federal funding has been made available to conduct educational or event driven programs at schools (non-infrastructure programs) or make improvements to streets, sidewalks and paths near schools (infrastructure programs).
  • Help educate the public about both Colorado and Denver bicycle laws through web, media releases, social media, and outreach
  • Help increase awareness of people on bicycles through marketing campaigns, website, media releases, social media and outreach
  • Distribute Denver City bicycle maps

Why is all this important? What are the benefits?

  • Because bicycling in good for Denver! 
  • Healthier individuals and lower community health costs
  • Less Traffic & Pollution
  • More people on bikes supporting local business and getting connected to their neighborhoods
  • Enhanced property values in bike-friendly neighborhoods
  • A less-stressed populace
  • More cost effective for a city: Bike lane costs depend on conditions but can cost as little as $5000 a mile and that is far less expensive than the cost of building or repairing lanes for car travel

What is the difference between BikeDenver and Bicycle Colorado?

  • BikeDenver is Denver’s bike advocacy group. We lobby the Mayor’s office and City Council
  • Bicycle Colorado is Colorado’s state-wide advocacy organization.  They lobby the Governor’s office and State officials. 

What is the difference between BikeDenver and Denver B-Cycle?

  • BikeDenver is Denver’s bike advocacy organization.  We want to see more people riding bikes in Denver
  • Denver B-cycle is a separate and distinct non-profit whose mission is to operate the bike sharing system in Denver.  BikeDenver leaders were very involved in helping to launch Denver B-cycle and we continue to have many goals in common.  We are very big supporters of B-cycling but our work is broader and encompasses all people, all bikes, for all reasons.