Business Cycles

"Because Bikes Mean Business in Denver!"

Donate to BikeDenver to become a Business Cycles member today and show your customers and community that you value people who ride bikes, while also supporting BikeDenver to make Denver the nation’s most bike-friendly city in the US!

Business Cycles caters to the needs of Denver’s business community and provides numerous benefits to businesses of all sizes. 

Your Business Cycles membership will help you:

  • Attract and retain highly skilled talent
  • Reduce employer healthcare costs by promoting an active, healthy, and productive work environment
  • Improve overall business and expand your audience by encouraging patrons to arrive by bike
  • Network with bike-minded businesses
  • Receive expert consultation from BikeDenver’s professional staff and expand volunteer opportunities for your employees
  • Create opportunities for custom sponsorship, networking events, and rides
  • Seamlessly integrate bikes into your events
  • Help BikeDenver advocate for Protected Bike Lanes in commercial corridors, show your community that you value people on bikes, and gain a sense of pride from working to improve mobility in Denver
  • Collect the benefits outlined in the membership matrix below

Membership Levels





Cost $300/Year $1,000/Year $5,000/Year $10,000/Year

Certificate of Membership for Display (Print and E-Logos)

Networking Happy Hour

Acknowledgement in Annual Report

Clif Bar Gift Bag

Social Media Exposure* (5000 Facebook Likes and 7500 Twitter Followers)

1 / year 3 / year 6 / year 12 / year

E-Newsletter: Logo with Link** (5500 email subscribers)

1 / year 2 / year 4 / year 8 / year

Website Listing: Name or Logo withLink***

Name Small Logo Medium Logo Large Logo

Discount Individual Membership for Employees

$5 Off $10 Off Free

Company Hours of Service ****

1 hours / year 3 hours / year 6 hours / year

Discounted Event Bike Parking

%5 10%

*50-50% split between sponsored posts on Facebook and Twitter

**May be individual or shared

***Max Pixel Size. All Logos and names will be listed by membership level on a shared webpage

****Hours can cover preferred services including, but not limited to, lunch-and-learns, LAB Bike-Friendly Business Application assistance, commuting tips for your employees (ready for internal communications), rides, and bike rack consulting