Yoga for Cyclists!

October 18, 2014

Ever get off your bike and wonder what the heck you’re doing to your body? From tearing up your legs to busting your back, everyone pays for their saddle time in different ways.

Yoga instructor and cyclist Brittany Hopkins has created a special class just for cyclists. And, there’s a donation-based session coming up:

Yoga for Cyclists Workshop
Saturday, November 8th
1:30 – 3:30
9635 West Colfax Ave., Lakewood, CO

We sat down with Brittany to ask about her and the upcoming class…

Q: What do you use your bicycle for in your daily life?

A: I have ridden my bike to work everyday for 10 years now. I’ve even been known to ride my bike from one building to the next rather than walking!

Q: Do you have a favorite ride in the area?

A: Lair of the Bear is my faaaaaaavorite! Rolly poley!

Q: What’s your yoga training and experience?

A: I’ve been practicing since 2005 and teaching since 2006. Being a dancer and teacher it was a really a lovely transition to yoga. My teacher training is through the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute.

Q: Who can benefit from regular yoga practice?

A: Everybody! Young, old, heavy, slim, flexible, and inflexible. People always tell me that they are terrible at yoga because they can’t touch their toes. I always ask them how they clip their toenails?!?! They respond with the fact that they bend their knees.  [:)]  The same rule applies in yoga. You won’t reach enlightenment by being super bendy. However, you can be “inflexible” and awesome at yoga if you are good at breathing! You gain peace by staying present in your breath while being in crazy yoga poses!

Q: What sort of problems does frequent bicycle riding pose for the body?

A: Avid cyclists tend to have insanely tight hips and hamstrings from all of the pedaling. They may also have upper body and shoulder issues from being hunched over a bicycle. It’s so important to get those areas loose so the blood can flow healthily through them as well as work the opposing muscle groups so that their frame is happy and healthy.

Q: Do I need any yoga experience to attend this class?

A: You need absolutely no yoga experience to attend this workshop. I have the experience as a yoga instructor to work with a mixed bag of skills levels in one class (and I actually prefer to have new yogis along with experienced for many reasons—but that’s an entirely different story). I know when to be gentle with someone and when to challenge them to go deeper.

Q: I have some injuries that still bother me. Can I still do yoga?

A: Yes! Well that depends. You should always check with your doctor before doing any sort of new exercise. But the beauty of yoga is likely there is going to be a modification or an adjustment that you can make for the postures that challenge your injury. For example, I had a shoulder injury a few weeks back. I still went to take a yoga class, I just let the teacher know what was going on with my shoulder and I only did the yoga poses that were okay with my shoulder. I still left the class feeling strengthened, stretched, happy, and fulfilled!

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