Riding your bicycle on the Sidewalk? Please don’t!

August 15, 2013

We have been receiving a fair amount  of emails about bicyclists on the sidewalk:  Can you ride on the sidewalk?  Should you ride on the sidewalk?  And what do you do if others are riding on the sidewalk?

The law in Denver is very simple:

Bicyclists are prohibited from using sidewalks unless:

  1. the sidewalk is part of a designated bike route,
  2. within one block of preparing to mount/ dismount at parking (speed limit 6 MPH), or
  3. engaged in delivering newspapers.

Remember, always yield to pedestrians

There are multiple efforts being made by BikeDenver, WalkDenver, Denver Department of Public Works and Denver Police Department including education, signage and better infrastructure to try and make Denver as safe as possible. Despite these efforts, there is an audience that is not always reached. To garner more attention and need to address the matter of illegal sidewalk riding, we recommend the following options:

  • Provide address/detailed location and noted time of where/when this offense took place (photos always help!)
  • Submit this matter to Denver 311 Help. The City provides this service to hear about non-emergency matters just like these! A ticket is tracked and created every time a submission is received. The more tickets…the more likely the City is to address the matter.
  • In addition to Denver 311 Help, provide the same information and matter to the representing District Council Member
  • Contact Senior City Planner, Emily Snyder-the City’s “Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator”-with information about the matter and what you would like to hear/see be done about sidewalk riding in this area

Your voice is important and needs to be heard.  Please continue to share your concerns with us and reach out to the folks listed above so that together we can Denver a true bicycle friendly city.