Businesses Invited to Join BikeDenver’s “Business Cycles”

May 21, 2015

BikeDenver is leading an effort to encourage more business support for bicycling in Denver

Thursday, May 14 - Denver, CO. - BikeDenver announced today that it is rolling out an annual business membership program called Business Cycles.  BikeDenver has worked tirelessly to foster a bicycle-friendly culture for local businesses, employees and customers who want a more inviting environment to ride their bicycles. Your membership will help instill a sense of pride from investing in the future of bicycling in Denver, and will also provide numerous benefits including an active voice in the city’s bicycle-related discourse and a role in influencing decision makers to build safer streets for people on bikes. Denver businesses can count on BikeDenver’s successful 14 year track record of advocating for improved bicycle conditions for all Denver residents, which has resulted in a 130% increase in bike commuting since its foundation.

“We’re going to help Business Cycles members attract more customers who value active transportation, promote an active and healthy workplace for their employees and expand their networks through collaborative social media exposure and member events,” says BikeDenver’s executive director, Molly North.

BikeDenver is launching the Business Cycles membership program with the support of a grant from PeopleforBikes, a national bicycle advocacy group.  Denver was selected by PeopleforBikes as one of four target communities across the US to actively engage more businesses to support bicycling.

BikeDenver is Denver’s premiere bicycle advocacy group which improves conditions for people on bikes in Denver through education, advocacy, community engagement and consulting. Your membership and vocal support for bicycles will help us continue to accomplish our mission to ‘Transform bicycling in Denver.’

To learn more about the Business Cycles program, and how to become a member, email or call (303) 997-1573.