5 Yoga Poses for Your Post-Ride Routine

November 20, 2014

Last week, yoga instructor and cyclist Brittany Hopkins taught a class geared just for bicyclists. The 8 cyclists in attendance learned a series of stretches, poses, and exercises to help foster their riding habits. Brittany put together this helpful 5-pose recap. Check it out!

Crescent Lunge with Quad Stretch

Legs wide, hip facing one leg, lunge into front knee, keep back leg straight or lower knee to the earth to stretch the front of the back leg hip. You can also reach around and hold the back foot (with the back knee dropped). 10 breaths each side.

Side Facing Wide Leg Forward Bend

Feet at least 3 feet apart, fold forward to bring your hands down to a block or to the earth, bend knees slightly to protect lower back, relax your neck. 15 breaths.


Laying on your back with your knees bent, push the feet down to lift your hips up. Clasp hands behind back. 5 breaths 3 times.

Half Pigeon

One knee bent by your wrist, other leg stretching out behind you, body laying over your bent knee. 10 breaths each side.


Seated Pigeon

Cross one ankle on opposite bent knee. Bring hands to the earth behind you and lengthen your spine, tilt your pelvis to vertical. 10 breaths each side.

Supine Twist

Laying on your back, bring one or both knees bent into your chest, arms making a capitol-T out to each side, take breath in, as you exhale take your knee/s across your body towards the floor, keep opposite shoulder on the floor. 10 breaths each side.

Brittany Hopkins operates Container Collective Yoga in Lakewood, CO. Classes are available every day, with most taking place at 9635 West Colfax Ave., Lakewood, CO. Learn more at the Container Collective Yoga website.